Revisiting the Unbuilt Vision of ‘The Star’ in Hollywood by MAD Architects

In September 2021, MAD Architects presented a biomorphic design concept for The Star, envisioned as a creative hub and workspace for content creators in Hollywood. However, last week it was announced that the project would proceed with a design by Foster + Partners, characterized by its facade adorned with terraced gardens. MAD Architects’ design, which will not be constructed, featured a curvilinear shape that paid homage to Los Angeles’ architectural legacy and imagined the future of office spaces with its integration of vertical gardens throughout the structure. Despite not being realized, this concept will remain an influential example of innovative workplace design that promotes a harmonious relationship between urban spaces and the natural world.

MAD Architects crafted a distinctive vision for The Star in Hollywood, incorporating a novel design that features three interlocking funnels, each capped with a glass dome. This design goes beyond mere visual appeal; a slender vertical strip encircling the structure serves as a path for a ‘funicular’ cable car system. This innovative transportation solution is intended to elevate visitors and tourists, offering them breathtaking views of Los Angeles as they ascend to the building’s summit. At the top, they would find an enclosed rooftop restaurant, a space for events, and a sweeping observation deck. The building’s gentle, curvaceous profile is a nod to Los Angeles’ architectural legacy, marked by similar flowing forms throughout the city. MAD Architects aimed to integrate The Star seamlessly into the cityscape, allowing its artistic shape to enhance the urban environment.

MAD Architects’ design for The Star aimed to redefine the concept of office space. The project featured rooftop gardens designed as terrarium-inspired sanctuaries accessible to office employees and the public alike. However, The Star’s commitment to the well-being of its occupants extended beyond its rooftop. The building was designed with panoramic views of Los Angeles and landscaped terraces integrated at various levels, facilitating a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor work areas. This integration of work and relaxation spaces promotes a vibrant and engaging office atmosphere.