Friedman Benda unveils a fresh exhibition from Estúdio Campana

Friedman Benda is hosting “On the Road,” a new showcase by the acclaimed Brazilian design firm Estúdio Campana. This exhibition is particularly noteworthy as it is the studio’s fifth individual presentation at the gallery, and it marks a significant transition with Humberto Campana taking the helm as the primary designer after the loss of his brother and co-founder, Fernando Campana, in November 2022. This event not only opens a fresh chapter for Estúdio Campana but also celebrates its 40th anniversary, highlighting a pivotal moment for Humberto Campana. During the exhibition’s launch at Friedman Benda’s New York venue, designboom had the opportunity to speak with Humberto Campana. The co-founder shared insights into his new creative pathways and sources of inspiration amidst this period of change, as well as his broader endeavors in Brazil.