Patty Jenkins Affirms ‘Rogue Squadron,’ a ‘Star Wars’ Movie, Is Still in Progress

Approximately a year ago, reports surfaced that Star Wars projects directed by Patty Jenkins and Kevin Feige were put on hold. Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron, initially postponed from 2021 to 2022, was eventually dropped from Disney’s 2023 lineup. However, it seems Jenkins, known for her work on Wonder Woman, has rejoined the project.

During a recent episode of the Talking Pictures Podcast, Jenkins revealed that Rogue Squadron is back in the production phase. She discussed her return, stating, “After I shifted focus from Star Wars to work on Wonder Woman 3, we contemplated my return to Star Wars post-Wonder Woman 3.” She continued, “A deal was set in motion for my return. Then, when Wonder Woman 3 was no longer in the picture, Lucasfilm and I decided to finalize this arrangement. This happened just as the strike was starting. So, I’m now committed to delivering a draft for Star Wars. The future is uncertain. They face the challenge of deciding on the first film to launch post-sequel trilogy. While other directors have been active, I’m back to working on Rogue Squadron. The outcome remains to be seen. We aim to reach a point of mutual satisfaction with the project.”

Despite previous beliefs that Rogue Squadron was no longer in development at Lucasfilm, Jenkins’ recent statements indicate a revival of the project. She expressed her passion for Star Wars, linking its inception to World War II and her desire to create a fighter pilot movie, saying, “The essence of Star Wars and its significance is profoundly beautiful. I’ve always been drawn to making a fighter pilot movie…So yes, I’m eager to do it.” The release date for the film is yet to be announced.