Dan Flavin Illuminates the Kunstmuseum Basel

The Kunstmuseum Basel is currently bathed in the distinctive glow of Dan Flavin’s light installations. The exhibit, titled “Dedications in Lights,” showcases an impressive collection of over 58 works that span the American artist’s three-decade-long career. This includes 35 of his iconic light works, 21 works on paper, two paintings, and a special selection of art Flavin initially introduced at the museum back in 1975.

Flavin, who began experimenting with fluorescent light tubes in the 1960s, is celebrated worldwide for his contributions to the Minimalist movement. His work, characterized by its exploration of light, space, and color, stands alongside that of his contemporaries, such as Ellsworth Kelly and Donald Judd. Flavin’s installations are deceptively simple yet captivating, drawing in viewers from across the globe.

Among the highlights of the exhibition is a wall-mounted piece dedicated to Jasper Johns and a sprawling light installation that extends from one wall to another, which Flavin humorously titled “to my dear b*tch, Airily.” The exhibition, which opened this month, invites visitors to experience Flavin’s luminous artistry in Basel until August 18, 2024.