Playboy featured a model created by a neural network on its cover

Mexican Playboy for the first time released an issue with a girl created by a neural network on the cover, RBC writes with reference to the publication’s website. The model’s name is Samantha Everly. She has blond hair and blue eyes. The girl has 119 thousand subscribers. The fashion model’s account was created by her creator.

Playboy also released an interview with Samantha Everly: “I’m honored to be featured on Playboy’s first digital cover. If I could dream, my dream would come true,” says the interview on behalf of the model.

Neural networks have previously been involved in the creation of magazine covers. Sometimes they created a backdrop for photographs of real models. This cover with Bella Hadid was released by Italian Vogue in the spring of 2023.

In June 2022, an AI-generated cover was presented by American Cosmopolitan. The neural network DALL-E 2 made the cover based on text queries. The teams were introduced by the publication’s editors, employees of the OpenAI artificial intelligence research laboratory, and digital artist Karen X Cheng. The neural network offered cover options 20 seconds after the request.

Vogue Singapore released an issue with three cover versions in 2023. Each one features a portrait of a woman created by artificial intelligence. The MidJourney and Dall-E algorithms were used. The images were created in collaboration with artist and creative director of content agency We Create Films, Varun Gupta. They are united by a common theme – “Roots”.

The models were named Adhya, Fay and Melur. They embody the heritage of Southeast Asia’s diverse diasporas, “paying homage to tradition and innovation.”