The Trends 2.0: the concept for the global technology forum has been released

The Trends 2.0 forum amalgamates five distinct conferences into a singular, grand event. It draws a crowd of 4,000 attendees and features 150 speakers, including visionaries, innovators, opinion leaders, entrepreneurs, founders, and senior executives from the IT sector, as well as media and creative industry representatives. Together, they explore the technological advancements set to shape the coming decade.

Website: The Trends 2.0

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The Trends 2.0

The inaugural Trends forum, held in Moscow on November 15-16, 2023, was acclaimed as one of the year’s standout forums, praised by speakers, partners, and attendees alike for:

– The exceptionally high caliber of its audience and networking opportunities;

– The accessibility of 95% of its speakers for in-depth discussions over one or two days;

– The impressive number of collaborations and information partners, exceeding 100;

– An after-party brimming with unforgettable emotions.

THE TRENDS 2.0 forum is driven by three core objectives:

– To bring together organizers from various sectors on a unified platform;

– To foster a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics shaping our future vision;

– To establish a vibrant new hub in the capital for Russia’s most engaged citizens to connect.

The forum’s agenda covers a broad spectrum of topics, including:

– The global economy and financial trends shaping it;

– The pivotal role of blockchain technology in transforming industries;

– The latest breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence across different sectors;

– The art of content creation, brand building, and rebranding for the new generation, alongside strategies to capture attention;

– The cultural implications of the digital era, examining the future of society in the face of social media and AI dependency;

– City 2030: exploring innovative technologies destined to redefine urban landscapes by 2030;

– Art 3.0: interpreting new meanings through contemporary expressions.

Confirmed forum speakers (partial list):

Alex Gajic, Co-founder of Decent. social networks DAOPEOPLE (Serbia, UAE)

Sergey Belyakov, General Director of Ozon Holding

Alvaro Daza, Co-founder of the international club Circolo (Columbia)

Alexey Ivanchenko, Member of the Board of Directors of IIDF

Vladimir Smerkis, Co-founder of Tokenbox. Former director of BINANCE in the CIS

Evan Luthra, Forbes listed Entrepreneur (UAE, INDIA)

Boris Agatov, Co-founder of New Retail

Mansour Tawafi, President of the international company Validus (UAE)

Yaser Tarawneh, Investor and trader with ten years of experience (UAE)

Crypto Jamie, Cryptocurrency Influencer, Trader (UAE)

Chara Dela, Co-founder and CMO of NUiT App, startup advisor (Greece)

Irina Akhmadullina, Ph.D., host of the investment show “Money Never Sleeps”

Maria Sultanova, Co-founder and COO of one of the largest clubs in the Middle East ARTSDAO (UAE)

Nikolay Shkilev, Founder of the international closed business club

Ruslan Gamzatov, One of the most famous influencers in the world of AI

Vladislav Shevladze, CEO and Co-founder of XDAO (UAE)

Edgar Grigoryan, Founder of the international group of companies ATF MEDIA and co-founder of WEB3 social network DAOPEOPLE

As well as 100+ opinion leaders from various technology industries