Annie Leibovitz and IKEA Unite to Showcase Global Domestic Life in Paris Photo Exhibition

IKEA has proudly announced its first-ever artist in residence, the legendary Annie Leibovitz. This exciting collaboration kicks off with Leibovitz unveiling a series of 25 photographs that capture the essence of diverse living spaces and their occupants around the globe. The collection, named Life at Home, will be exhibited in Paris from February 29th to March 3rd, 2024, drawing inspiration from the insight that nearly half of the global population feels their home life is inadequately represented in mainstream media.

This initiative is a reflection of IKEA’s commitment to understanding and showcasing global living trends, as evidenced by its Life at Home Report. This report, a culmination of over a decade of research, highlights a common feeling among many that their home experiences are not sufficiently depicted in the media. It is this gap that IKEA aims to bridge through its partnership with the esteemed American photographer, Annie Leibovitz (learn more here). Leibovitz’s work, ranging from a camper van in Italy to a houseboat in East London, and from a snug apartment in Tokyo to a bustling multi-generational home in Mumbai, offers a vivid glimpse into the myriad ways people live around the world. These captivating images will be displayed for a brief period at 28 Rue de Lappe in Paris, France.

The exhibition space, designed by spatial designer Emerzon and architect Midori Hasuike, is a tribute to the unique character and spirit of 28 Rue de Lappe’s varied rooms. The Life at Home collection is prominently featured on the ground floor, while the mezzanine introduces visitors to photographs by up-and-coming photographers Elena Kalinichenko, Ka’Vozia Glynn, Praise Hassan, Toma Hurduc, Trâm Nguyen Quang, and Zélie Hallosserie. These emerging artists are part of a mentorship initiative led by IKEA and Annie Leibovitz. The mezzanine also highlights the creative projects of six young designers from Casa93, a pioneering fashion education program. Working alongside IKEA mentors, designers Eva Louisa N´kie, Gitroïna Isaac, Ivann Halleur, Juliette Willemet, Loreny Tanda, and Raphale Nahon showcase their interpretations of home self-expression through their exhibitions.