Telegram will introduce monetization of advertising revenues in channels

Starting next month, owners of Telegram channels will begin to receive up to 50% of the income from advertising on their channel. Pavel Durov reported this. We are talking about the advertising that users see at the bottom of the channel without a Premium subscription.

For transfers for advertising, Telegram will use the TON blockchain. After Pavel Durov’s message, the TON rate increased sharply – by 11.47%, to 223.57 rubles. as of 15:30 Moscow time. TON, or toncoin, is a cryptocurrency used in the Open Network, it allows you to make cryptocurrency payments directly in Telegram.

According to Pavel Durov, Telegram channels generate a trillion views monthly, with only 10% of these views being monetized through advertising. “In March, the Telegram advertising platform will officially open to all advertisers in almost 100 new countries. Channel owners in these countries will begin to receive 50% of any income that Telegram receives from displaying advertising on their channels,” wrote Pavel Durov in the Telegram channel.

According to Mediascope, Telegram has almost caught up with VKontakte in terms of audience in Russia. The audience of the messenger in Russia has grown by more than 30 million people in two years, and as of October 2023 amounted to 82.3 million (the VKontakte audience is 89.2 million users).