Hamilton Introduces Two Exclusive Ventura Watches Celebrating ‘Dune: Part Two’

A week following Hamilton’s initial hint at its partnership with Dune: Part Two, the renowned American watchmaker has unveiled the special “Desert Watch” that will appear in the highly anticipated movie. This reveal also includes two limited-edition watches celebrating the collaboration.

In a close collaboration with Doug Harlocker, the Prop Master for Dune: Part Two, Hamilton crafted the “Desert Watch,” a piece that captures the essence of the Fremen culture and is unique to the world of Arrakis. “The moment Denis Villeneuve and his team approached us to assist in designing a wrist device for Dune: Part Two, we felt a deep sense of pride. It highlights Hamilton’s reputation as the preferred watchmaker for the film industry,” stated Vivian Stauffer, the CEO of Hamilton, noting the unique challenge of designing a device that diverges from their traditional timepieces.

Furthermore, Hamilton has introduced two special edition watches in homage to the film: the Ventura XXL Bright Dune and the Ventura Edge Dune. Inspired by the iconic Ventura design, both watches feature a sleek, all-black PVD finish. The Ventura XXL Bright Dune, priced at $1,750 USD and limited to 3,000 pieces, showcases a dial that mirrors the “Desert Watch” with a striking blue glow.

The Ventura Edge Dune, on the other hand, reflects the “Desert Watch’s” robust design with its detailed relief elements, capturing the adventurous spirit of the film.