Bottega Veneta introduces Murano glass cacti and stools from Le Corbusier’s Cabanon in its FW24 show

During Milan Fashion Week, Matthieu Blazy, for Bottega Veneta’s FW24 presentation, incorporated Le Corbusier’s LC14 Cabanon stool and an array of handmade, large-scale glass cacti from Murano, Venice. This marked the third collaboration with Cassina for the event’s seating, featuring a custom version of the LC14 Cabanon stool, developed in partnership with Fondation Le Corbusier.

The stools showcased a charred wood finish, a nod to an ancient Japanese technique that both protects the wood and accentuates its grain. This same technique was applied across the show’s flooring in Milan, extending Le Corbusier’s aesthetic throughout the venue.

The set was further embellished with Murano glass cacti, crafted by Venetian artisans, emerging in full bloom from various corners. These pieces, according to Matthieu Blazy, represent resilience and hope, while also aligning with the theme of strength and adaptability. The choice of Murano glass reflects a recurring theme in Blazy’s work for Bottega Veneta, emphasizing its significance in his collections.

Following the FW24 show, Bottega Veneta plans to display some of these stools alongside a homage to Le Corbusier’s iconic design at a special exhibit during Milan Design Week 2024.

The inclusion of Murano glass cacti in the FW24 Milan show draws inspiration from Blazy’s travels in Southern Italy, particularly in Calabria. The vibrant lighting of the show aimed to capture the essence of Southern Italy’s sun-drenched landscapes, reminiscent of the hues at sunset. Blazy’s design philosophy for the FW24 set centers around the metaphor of the cactus, symbolizing growth in adversity.

Blazy reflects on the set’s design elements, noting the unique identity each brings through their creation process – from the charred flooring and stools to the glass cacti, each embodying simplicity, honesty, and resilience, much like Bottega Veneta’s signature Intrecciato weave.