STYLE Bangkok 2024 is set to present a blend of Thai design

STYLE Bangkok 2024 is set to make a grand return as an international platform for showcasing exceptional design, lifestyle, and fashion, with a special focus on the vibrant artisanal skills from Thailand and Asia. This eagerly awaited event is poised to not only present the finest in design but also to establish new industry standards by promoting sustainability, diversity, and innovation. From March 20-24, 2024, attendees will delve into the CHICNATURE theme, a blend of ‘chic’ and ‘nature,’ previewing a future of design that is both fashionable and environmentally mindful.

STYLE Bangkok 2024 is more than just an event; it represents a transformative movement aimed at reshaping the norms of lifestyle and fashion exhibitions. Through STYLE Solution+, the event incorporates Design Solution+, Product Solution+, Project Solution+, and Material Solution+, offering a well-rounded approach that addresses the changing preferences of consumers and aligns with contemporary business trends for a comprehensive attendee experience. In a bid to find solutions that benefit the environment, society, and uphold cultural values, the event will feature over 1,000 booths from upwards of 400 companies.

The CHICNATURE theme symbolizes a harmonious blend of Chic and Nature, embodying the concept of Signature. ‘Chic’ denotes the event’s focus on unique and stylish presentations, whereas ‘Nature’ underscores a dedication to addressing global megatrends, especially Sustainability. STYLE Bangkok will also highlight products that adhere to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles, which are of global interest. Products ranging from Muay Thai shorts and shirts by BUAKAW GALLERY to fashion jewelry made from recycled plastic by ETHNICABAÇA will showcase Thai culture while emphasizing sustainability.

At 103PAPER SHOP, attendees will discover unique offerings such as distinctive teak furniture by DEESAWAT and the collaborative Chiang Mai brand, MOONLER, alongside upcycled furniture from CORNER 43 DECOR. The event will also feature home decor designs utilizing bamboo and natural materials by KORAKOT, eco-friendly cleaning products by PiPPER STANDARD, and plastic-free glassware from SaYa, showcasing the adaptability and environmental awareness in modern design. Additionally, visitors can enjoy THANIYA’s renowned fragrances in soy wax ceramic bottles or explore natural scents by Sedar.W, crafted with an eco-conscious approach.

The event takes pride in showcasing Thai-designed products awarded the Design Excellence Award — DEmark. It also includes specialized zones like the Martial Thai to Japan project and the STYLE Bangkok Collaboration Project, demonstrating the global potential of Thai design.

Furthermore, the Art Zone offers a selection of distinctly Thai products appealing to international buyers and embodying the ESG ethos, capturing the spirit of Thai innovation. The New Faces zone underscores STYLE Bangkok’s dedication to nurturing new talent, providing a platform for entrepreneurs, OTOP manufacturers, up-and-coming designers from Talent Thai & Designers’ Room, and fashion pieces from the Qurated Fashion Incubation project. This focus on fresh perspectives adds a vibrant layer to the exhibition.