TeamLab’s innovative Borderless museum, now welcoming visitors in Tokyo

The interdisciplinary art group teamLab has unveiled its latest Borderless digital art museum, now situated at Azabudai Hills in Tokyo (for more on this, refer to designboom’s earlier report). The museum is set to open on February 9, 2024, and features a collection of over 50 interactive artworks that seamlessly interact with each other to form an infinite realm of artistic creativity. At teamLab Borderless, traditional barriers are cast aside, allowing visitors to meander and discover within a continuously transforming environment. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, the museum immerses guests in a fantastical universe where projections create cosmic voids, lights flicker into existence in the dark, and digital flames dance in icy landscapes. Highlights include the Microcosmoses – Wobbling Light installation, with its myriad of lights that seem to extend endlessly, and a grand Light Sculpture that moves towards the audience, surrounding them in a radiant glow.

For a deeper insight into the new teamLab Borderless museum, its interactive pieces, and their connection with the audience, designboom explored the venue and conversed with the teamLab crew before its inauguration. The teamLab representatives explained, “In the new teamLab Borderless, this ensemble of limitless artworks will continue to grow, spreading into more areas, linking in more intricate ways, perpetually transforming, and crafting an unbounded world.