Fendi collaborates with Hiroshi Fujiwara for a Pokémon Capsule collection

The collaboration features two collections. One is a unique partnership between Fendi and fragment design, featuring a range of bags and a tee shirt. The second collection is a tripartite collaboration involving Fendi, fragment design, and Pokémon, offering bags, apparel, accessories, and collectible digital assets for Pokémon GO.

The highlight of the collaboration is the three-way partnership, with Dragonite taking center stage to commemorate the Year of the Dragon. Other Pokémon characters featured in the collection include Dragonair and Dratini. These characters are creatively incorporated into Fendi’s iconic FF jacquard logo, available in classic brown, tobacco hues, and a vibrant yellow variant. This design graces Fendi’s renowned Peekaboo ISeeU Small and Baguette women’s bags, mini icons, and men’s accessories like a messenger bag and belt bag, all with striking yellow contrast zips.

Fendi Pokemon

The collection extends beyond bags to include small leather goods, key charms, textile accessories, brass jewelry, and apparel. A meticulously handcrafted Dragonite figure, showcasing Fendi’s leather craftsmanship, is also part of the collection. This figure, which requires over 30 hours of handcrafting, is a collector’s item. The collection is topped off with cross-branded digital collectibles available in the Pokémon GO app.

Fragment design also has an exclusive capsule with Fendi, featuring co-branded elements and a color palette that aligns with the broader Pokémon collaboration. All collections, both physical and digital, will be available from January 4, with prices to be announced later.

Fujiwara expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to work with Fendi and Kim, praising Fendi’s exceptional craftsmanship and traditional brand. He stated that he thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration and was honored to be a part of it.