Stylist Kate Young is named as a senior advisor by Blueberry

Blueberry, a female-led digital fashion house, has announced the appointment of celebrity stylist Kate Young as a senior advisor. Young, who has styled Hollywood stars like Dakota Johnson and Scarlett Johansson, will bring her traditional fashion and styling expertise to the digital fashion landscape. She will provide guidance on trends and support Blueberry’s goal of growing the digital fashion space.

According to Ashley Hopkins, Blueberry’s chief creative officer, Young’s experience will significantly contribute to the brand’s creative efforts and help elevate the Blueberry brand.

Digital fashion, which is worth billions of dollars in sales each year, allows designers to release products faster than traditional fashion and promotes accessibility. Blueberry, a leader in this space, has sold over 15 million items and has more than 1 million customers each year.

Young expressed her excitement about the partnership, highlighting the design freedom and speed of the digital fashion space. She also praised the quality and diversity of Blueberry’s creative output and looked forward to the future of the brand and digital fashion.