Balenciaga relies on hype for its latest Hollywood show

Balenciaga revealed its Fall 2024 collection in Hollywood, featuring bags labeled with the anagram Erewhon, a term derived from a 1872 British satire by Samuel Butler and also the name of a Los Angeles-based organic supermarket founded in the 1960s. The collection, a collaboration with the supermarket, includes items like baseball caps, coffee cups, t-shirts, bags, and an apron.

This collection diverges from the brand’s previous focus on authenticity and return to roots, as expressed by Artistic Director Demna. No logos were featured, and the show took place in Hollywood, the heart of entertainment and celebrity culture. High-profile guests and models, including new brand ambassador Nicole Kidman and celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Cardi B, underscored the brand’s affinity for a high-profile presence.

The collection displayed Balenciaga’s unique aesthetic, challenging traditional proportions with oversized elements on sleeves, shoulders, and hems. The brand introduced a new sneaker, the 10XL, moving away from the chunky sole trend and opting for a wider design. However, the 1,190 euro price tag for a polyester and rubber shoe made in China may be considered steep by some.