Who is Beeple’s artwork owner and what NFTs he collects?

In a private chat of MakersPlace platform users are discussing a collector under the nickname 888: they say he buys almost everything. Nobody knows anything about him. But there is an assumption that Elon Musk himself is hiding under the nickname 888. Some users have a different theory. It could be 888 Holdings PLC, a public company which owns several popular gambling brands and websites. But there is no confirmation of our theory yet. We suggest not to guess, but just to look at some of the works acquired by 888. By the way, this user owns Beeple’s THE 5000 DAY SELECTS.

Is 888 account owned by B20.Metapurse.Fund? Don’t know.

But today B20.Metapurse.Fund published the next information: “There is infinite upside to art. The first public art project of the metaverse, B.20 redefines the experience and ownership of art. B.20 bundles The Beeple 20 Collection – one of the most historic and valuable art projects in the NFT (non-fungible token) space – along with the VR monuments it lives in. The ownership of this bundle has been fractionalised into the B20 tokens. The bundle itself is immutable, unless bought out entirely, by anyone with the requisite DAI and B20 tokens. The experience will remain open. The ownership – in part or in full – is yours for the taking”.


Lulu ixix

She is working in the Visual Effects Industry as a cgi/3d artist. She’s also a photographer and a software developer. Lulu started using Machine Learning and Neural Network based Artificial Intelligence technology around 2015.


Digital Artist Fascinated With Iridescent & Outer Space. mbsjq’s genesis series Astro & The Universe gives you a glimpse of a brave astronauts’ journey to a psychedelic space-world. Filled with colorful surprises and innovative design, fasten your seatbelt as you embark on a journey through mbsjq’s universe.


Hackatao is an artists duo born in Milan in 2007, pioneering the crypto art space since 2018.
“Hack” for the pleasure of discovering what’s hidden under the skin; “Tao” for Yin and Yang, their creative dynamic balance. Their very unique style, the combination of an extra detailed drawn part and a colorful painted flat style, makes them stand out at first glimpse. The harmonious and continuous flow of drawings, at times recalling the graffiti art in the play of fluxes and connections, finds its “cage “and home in the very defined pop borders and figures, resulting in a uniform visual whole.

Alex Marks

A self-taught 3D artist from NYC currently based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. “I’m 35 years old and began learning 3D at 27. Before that, I was an unsuccessful insurance salesman and a pretty decent construction worker. This journey has been quite a trip and I’m extremely grateful that I am able to do this. My style of work gravitated towards taking familiar subjects and “abstractifying” them, while telling a story through relevant objects, and keeping the subject alive. For my portraits, I immerse myself in the character by absorbing every piece of content I can find about them. They become the center of my life for a good period of time”, – writes Alex.

Nika Danny

Nika Danny: “Hi guys i am Nika. Self-taught artist from Russia. I have been drawing since I can remember, because drawing is my obsession. I believe that even boring things can become overwhelming if we look at them differently. I like to turn my feelings through drawings creating a special vibe. Also my passion is neon cyberpunk naughty girls. ;)”


A 20 years old female artist and designer that goes by the name “Eleven”. Inspired by expressionistic and abstract art.

David Ariew

3D artist and educator, known to the community as “Octane Jesus” thanks to his hair, and a comment that took off in one of his tutorials. Worked with artists like Beeple, Deadmau5, Zedd, Katy Perry, Keith Urban, and Excision, likes creating overly ambitious, full CG short films, so many of his drops will be cinematic CG content!

Victor Duarte

Digital Artist from Barcelona, Spain. His creations are sometimes just feelings explorations, ways to say something or show an specific moment. And sometimes, windows to alternative worlds and distorted realities. He’s heavily inspired by science-fiction as a way to explore the time and space without limits.

Kristian Levin Aka. No Creative Abode

Professional retouch artist and photographer, turned 3D artist. 36 summers, working out of Copenhagen, Denmark. With plus 11 years of experience.

Greta Brat

Visual escapism creator. Interested in blurring and exploring the boundaries that exist between fantasy and reality.
Inviting to a place which might not exist, but one that you can believe in.

Alexander Van Glitch

Pixels, triangulation and glitches aim to simplify, fragment and distort the subjects of the works, which in most cases are suspended in a black abyss: it is the black of emptiness, of oblivion, of forgetfulness.

Javier Arrés

Javier Arrés is a world-renowned motion / GIF artist and a 2019 London Art Biennale winner. Inspired by the sweeping views from his childhood home overlooking his hometown of Motril, Spain, Arrés is known for his manically detailed illustrations of fantastical scenery from cities, architecture and machines. He further brings these worlds to life through what he calls “Visual Toys”. Through these Visual Toys, Arrés invites the viewer into a fantastical world, inspiring the viewer to simply play with their imaginations.


He is the crypto artist inspired by blockchain technology and new digital revolution. As cryptocurrency enthusiast he is making his crypto art works for everyone to feel art decentralization and financial freedom.


Drawing with fire and water. Dad of #howiseedatworld community.


“Interpret me”, – writes author. And nothing more.

Katy Arrington

Katy Arrington: “I’ve made art since I was a kid but had a very tumultuous relationship with it all of my life, battling life-long procrastination, until one day I decided to quit it completely. A few years ago, I decided to recommit, found life coaching, and did the work to find my way back to art. I’m very proud of the work in this gallery that I created since I gave art another shot and very glad I didn’t give up. Welcome! Please enjoy :)”

Joanie Lemercier

Joanie Lemercier is a French artist primarily focused on projections of light in space and its influence on our perception. He cofounded visual label AntiVJ in 2008, worked alongside artists such as Flying Lotus, JayZ and Will Smith. In 2010, Lemercier turned his focus on installations and gallery work, exhibited at China Museum of Digital Art, Art Basel Miami and Sundance film festival. In 2013, Lemercier founded a creative studio in NYC, and is now based in Brussels, Belgium.

Anna Zhilyaeva

Anna Zhilyaeva is a French immersive artist known for her work in virtual reality. Pioneer of Art in mixed reality, Anna has performed live all around the world including at the Louvre museum in Paris.


Murat Saygıner is a self-taught digital artist who works as a motion designer, filmmaker, photographer and composer. Born in Prague in 1989, Murat Saygıner got involved with photography and digital art in 2007 and won numerous international awards. As early as 2008, his works were selected for “IPA Best of Show” exhibition in New York and in 2010, he was awarded Emerging Talent of the Year in “The Photography Gala Awards”. He has written, directed and produced several animated short films since 2013 which were screened in over 200 film festivals including Academy Award Qualifying Festivals such as “Animest” and “AIFVF”. Six of his films were Staff Picked on Vimeo. In 2019, he assembled ten of his short films under the title of “The Flying Fish” which drew various reviews by acclaimed film critics and received the Vitriol Award as the Best Experimental Film in The First Hermetic International Film Festival in Venice.


Overfiend has been creating digital art for the last 3 years but has been in the creative digital space for over 2 decades. Having studied art and architecture, engineering and construction he finally found his calling in multimedia design. He is the owner and creative director of a video production and animation agency based in Melbourne, Australia. He started the company at 23 for a university project and never looked back. His passion for the last 3 years has been his digital art. His work has a stylised realistic finish and is described as sexual, grotesque, humorous and visceral. His art portrays the human condition such as emotion, sexuality, conflict and mortality.

Blair Shedd @ oneGemini Studios

BLAIR SHEDD is a Vermont-based, critically acclaimed, award winning comic book creator, illustrator, storyboard artist, film poster artist, and writer. Blair is known for his work on DOCTOR WHO for both IDW Publishing and Titan Comics, his cover illustrations for TORCHWOOD, ROBOTECH, WARHAMMER 40K, ASSASSINS CREED, SHERLOCK, and FIGHTING AMERICAN for Titan, covers and interiors for LEGENDS OF OZ and GHOSTBUSTERS for IDW Publishing, and his creator-owned webcomics, THE WORLDS BETWEEN US and NO REST FOR THE WICKED.

Alan Bolton

Works as a freelance creative in all forms of mixed media from photography, videography, graphic design, to 3D art.


Top selling Disney artist, with an association with the Walt Disney Company spanning over two decades, the work of James C Mulligan resides in collections all over the world, and is represented in galleries from Las Vegas to Singapore. His work can be seen in the collections of Dick Van Dyke, Paul McCartney, Roger Daltrey, and Johnny Depp. His clients include corporate work for Warner Brothers, Coca Cola, and the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Indrani Mitra

“If colors make you swoon , we are talking :)”

Kyrill Popeye

Kyrill Popeye has been creating digital 3D art for the past 10 years. He has a master’s degree in civil engineering and has been putting out art pieces on his daily commute to work for the past 8 years. Allthough his style cannot be labeled, others have found his work to be unsettling, confusing and shocking, but also moving, dreamy and calming.