Top 20 meme NFTs collectors

  1. Pranksy: A well-known NFT collector and influencer within the space, Pranksy has been involved in a wide range of NFT projects, including those with a humorous or meme-like aspect.
  2. 3F Music: A Dubai-based music studio known for acquiring high-profile NFTs, including meme-related ones.
  3. Metakovan: The pseudonymous buyer of Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” NFT, Metakovan has a significant collection and could potentially have meme NFTs in their portfolio.
  4. Justin Sun: The founder of TRON has been known to invest in various NFTs and could have meme-related pieces in his collection.
  5. Gary Vaynerchuk (GaryVee): An entrepreneur and internet personality who has shown interest in NFTs, including those with a cultural or meme resonance.
  6. Snoop Dogg: The rapper has emerged as a significant figure in the NFT space, including meme NFTs, under his pseudonym “Cozomo de’ Medici.”
  7. Farokh: An NFT enthusiast and collector who has shown interest in various forms of digital art, including potentially meme NFTs.
  8. PleasrDAO: A decentralized autonomous organization that focuses on acquiring culturally significant NFTs, including meme-based ones like the Doge meme NFT.
  9. Tim Kang (Illestrater): An NFT collector known for his significant investments in the space, potentially including meme NFTs.
  10. Steve Aoki: The DJ and music producer has been active in the NFT space and may have meme-related NFTs in his collection.
  11. Mark Cuban: The billionaire entrepreneur has shown interest in NFTs and blockchain technology, potentially including meme NFTs.
  12. WhaleShark: A prominent NFT collector who has amassed a large collection of digital assets, including potentially meme-related NFTs.
  13. Danny: Known for his significant NFT purchases, Danny could have meme NFTs in his portfolio.
  14. Keyboard Monkey: An NFT collector and influencer who may have an interest in meme NFTs.
  15. 888: An anonymous NFT collector known for their significant investments in the space.
  16. Seedphrase: A notable figure in the NFT community with a diverse collection.
  17. Cozomo de’ Medici (Snoop Dogg): Mentioned earlier, Snoop Dogg’s pseudonym for NFT collecting, specifically interested in unique and culturally significant pieces.
  18. Richard Heart: A cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiast who may have meme NFTs in his collection.
  19. Logan Paul: The YouTuber and internet personality has shown interest in NFTs, including meme-related ones.
  20. Paris Hilton: An early adopter of NFTs and blockchain technology, potentially including meme NFTs.

It’s important to note that the NFT market is highly dynamic, and collectors’ interests can change. Additionally, many collectors prefer to remain anonymous or use pseudonyms, making it challenging to compile a definitive list.