Art Collecting Agency supports Fintech Online Week, Fintech Meetups (Davos, Honkong, Singapore), Unblock Art Week, Unblock Art Conference, Unblock Art Nights Out, #ArtTech Talks, serie of meet-ups Terrytory Marketing. Art and Real Estate. The next Fintech Online Week will discuss such topics as Blockchain Technology, ML & AI, Upgraded ATMs, Proliferation of Non-Banks, Apple Store-Style Experience, Automated Financial Services Employees, Mobile and Digital Banking, Security: Biometrics and New Authentification Methods, IoT, Alternative Investments, Opportunities for the StartUps. The most of our events are closed. But we're glad to share some photos with the staring art, arttech and blockchain speakers from Russia, Switzerland, USA, UK and France. Unblock Art Conference (may 2019) came a part of DA!MOSCOW art show, supported by Alfa Bank. The audience of Unblock Art Conference (May 2019) :  clients of Art Collecting Agency, participants of the art show and the holders of Alfa Bank VIP-cards. The audience of Unblock Art Meetup with Olivier Marian and Daniel Doubrovkine (May 23, 2019): investors, art collectors, gallerists. Heroes of Art Tech Meetup: outstanding Russian artists such as Anatoliy Osmolovsky, Dmitry Gutov, Anton Olshvang, Olya Kroytor, Maria Kolina-Peres and lawers. Meetup was moderated by curator Kirill Alekseev. Audience: Russian art market professionals, lawers, young professionals, students.