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NFT dApp

ArtCollectingSpace NFT dApp created to share ultra-contemporary art and collectibles. Ultra-contemporary art is the fastest-growing segment of the art market. We will be holding the world’s first auction to present it to collectors from all over the world.You will be able to display ultra-contemporary art in the metaverse, on VR, AR, XR, MR platforms, store on digital devices or project on wide screens.



About Art Collecting

Art Collecting is a global agency specializing in art management, integrated events, advertising, IR and fundrising in art and blockhain spheres.It has been operating in the online market of works of art and design objects since 2016. Until 2020, we developed our own online gallery and worked on services for the art market. In 2020, we began to cooperate with galleries and design studios - in Russia and abroad. We are pleased to provide you with a full range of e-commerce and event promotion services. Boost your art content with us!


The infrastructure of the platform allows to create e-commerce projects of any complexity. We connect all the necessary modules for successful work. We know about high demands of customers in design and presentation of information. Reproductions on the marketplace are not "cropped" and are not deformed. This distinguishes our platform from the others.

Split payments

We use modern banking services and payment systems that are trusted. You receive a payment for the order from the client directly to your bank account. The payment system automatically distributes payments: we get only an agent fee. You receive a payment for a work of art, a collectible, or a design item according to a bank schedule. Work with us reliably!


We have our own audience. After concluding the contract, we can present your projects to this audience. We launched an educational program, started making our own online events and conferences. We work with a new generation of collectors and everyone who is interested in authoring design - from architects to it-entrepreneurs.


Maintaining professional contacts is one of the most important goals of any business. We are working at events where successful entrepreneurs and founders of promising it-projects meet with people of art to discuss new ideas. Vendors of our platform can take part in events available by subscription and make their own meetings. We will provide the necessary support.

Curatorial approach

On our platform, fakes, kitsch or works of art that can create negative impressions from professionals will never get. We continue to work with galleries that take part in reputable art fairs in Europe and the USA, and collaborate with experts who have gained respect in the professional community. We believe that higher professional education in the field of art is the main component of the service. 


All the necessary modules for selling and working online are connected to our platform. We are constantly evolving and looking for new opportunities, ahead of many other platforms for the sale of works of art, collectibles and design. Modules for registering transactions on the blockchain, organizing conferences, auctions, crowdfunding, referral marketing, and document management work on our platform.

Contemporary art

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