NFT art

A new trend of NFT tokens (non-fungible tokens) has burst into the cryptocurrency world - this is a new type of digital assets. In fact, is their value is in uniqueness. Let's consider the properties of fungibility using an example from everyday life. Suppose you lent your friend 100 dollars by giving him a bill of the corresponding denomination. The fungibility of money allows you not to think about whether your friend will return you the same bill or it will be any other 100-ruble bill, unless we are talking about some collectible coins. NFT tokens, like collectible coins, are unique in their kind. The uniqueness is realized thanks to the new ERC-721 cryptoasset standard. Unlike conventional ERC-20 fungible tokens, the NFT token cannot be counterfeited, replaced or broken into pieces. There are also several other NFT token standards in existence today. For example, ERC 1155 is a token that can be issued in multiple copies, and ERC 988 is playable characters who can own multiple in-game items. Regardless of the technical details, NFT can be used to prove ownership of an object. And thanks to the tokenization of real assets, NFT can reflect the fact of their ownership. Such an object or asset can be an image, real estate, music, any digital artwork, game item or character. NFT, thanks to the unique information recorded in the smart contract, can confirm the authenticity of documents. NFT art is a new trend of the art market. Discover information on ArtCollecting.Info!