About Van O

Van O (Ivan Isaev) was born at 1975 in Moscow, Russia, graduated the biological faculty of the Moscow State University and the School of dramatic art of An. Vasil'ev. He worked as the actor at the theaters "Dance-model" and "Mystery of costume", as the club designer– created the collections of vanguard fashion "200 volt ago or Some aspects of individual luminosity...", "The Circus", "Viniloplastika". Art-photographer since 1999, the member of Russian Union of Art Photographers since 2009 and of the Creative Union of Russian Artists since 2015.Works are in the collections of Russian museum of St.Petersburg, Moscow Museum of Modern Art and private collections. The winner of the "Heroes" contest -Marler Kunststern,2017; finalist "From Selfie to Self-Expression" contest, Saatchi gallery,2017; prize winner of Bio-Art Contest " Food and Feed ", Seoul,2018.