About Adt Ayala

On June 23 2021, renowned contemporary artist Marta Adt and filmmaker/producer Ciro Ayala joined forces to merge traditional art with the latest advances in technology for the sole purpose of reaching all ages and cultures around the globe, for the sake of bringing Mindfulness, Love and Spirituality to future generations.

Ciro Ayala – I Founded My Movie-Studio ‘Provoke Films’, Directing & Producing Music Videos, Fashion Films & Commercials For Worldwide Clients & Brands

There is a great distinction between being a Movie Director and a Filmmaker: the former is an employee of the movie production, the later is an Auteur. 1. Tell us about your background and journey. I was born in Argentina, raised in Buddhism, and my relationship with the arts started at 4 years old when […]



Film Award: Winner First Place at the St Petersburg “2022 Graphicum’s International Exhibition and Competition“, in the category of Digital Art: Motion/Animation. ADT & AYALA presents | a MARTA ADT / CIRO AYALA production | ARKITEKT OF LOVE | Written and Voice-Over by MARTA ADT | Directed by CIRO AYALA | Resolution: 2048×534, 24fps

Marta Adt – Art Is A Real Therapy

1. Tell us about your background and journey. I’m the self-taught painter and artist, discovered my creative potential at 30, after going for a second education as a decorator and interior designer(first high education is economics). Several generations of the famous German Adt family, associated with creativity, influenced my choice. My great-grandfather was a famous St. […]