Olga Ikonskaya. Pegas


Artist: Olga Ikonskaya

Size: 15×14×12
Technique: quartz, clinker


Olga Ikonskaya was born in Moscow in 1981. She graduated from the Moscow State University of Printing named after Fedorov with a degree in graphics, attended lectures at the Institute of Problems of Contemporary Art (IPSI). She worked in the genre of performance in theater and cinema, and taught for 2 years. She began to seriously engage in sculpture after moving to the Crimea in 2022.

Olga Ikonskaya: It seems that these sculptures are the embodiment of some entities disturbed by human strife over the earth. Now many are leaving Crimea, going to safer places, but I can’t. Because such work can be done only here and only now. Nowhere and never will they ever get it again. I don’t even invent them. They seem to mold themselves, dictating and prompting me what they want to be.

2022 Exhibition of sculpture in MORE, Alushta (gallery of collectors Alexander Lebedev and Elena Perminova)
2015 VI Biennale of Contemporary Art in Moscow, participant
2012 Exhibition “Samurai. Art of War” in Moscow, participant
2012 Telemania Festival in Moscow, 1st place (group of artists)
2011 X International Biennale of Contemporary Art “Dialogues” in St. Petersburg, participant
2008 European Design Awards (ED Awards) in Stockholm, 3rd place
2006 Moscow Advertising Festival “Golden Apple”, 2nd place
2004 VI Biennale of Graphic Design “Golden Bee” in St. Petersburg, participant


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