Digital Balm. Game centric episode

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Digital Balm – is an analgesic mind lotion for heavy digital users. Gently usage for metanarrative intoxication release.

The point is that metanarrative is a sort of

a narrative about narratives of historical meaning, experience, or knowledge, which offers a society a master idea. Today in terms of attention economy operating our minds, we can not support any master idea as well as the author approach. It’s a typical metamodernism marker – to smooth any rude forms of postulate storytelling by post-ironic and human-centric tools. It looks like an invisible balm is blurring our perception and digital behavior. This “digital balm” allow us to stay more self concentrated in reflexing, than in to acting. On the one hand it could immerse us into flow, on the other hand – it could devaluate the public role around us.

Valia Paella
Number of editions: 1/1


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