DWF Labs Unveils $20M Cloudbreak Fund for Web3 Initiatives in Chinese-Speaking Areas

DWF Labs announced the launch of its $20 million Cloudbreak Fund, aimed at nurturing Web3 projects within Chinese-speaking territories. The fund is set to invest in various sectors including GameFi, SocialFi, meme coins, and both layer-1 and layer-2 infrastructures, offering both financial and strategic support. Andrei Grachev, a managing partner at DWF Labs, highlighted the firm’s dedication to spurring innovation and development within the Web3 ecosystem. “Protocol Village” is a featured segment within The Protocol, a weekly newsletter that delves into the technology underpinning cryptocurrencies. To receive updates, subscribe to the newsletter or submit project news for consideration. For more information on previous editions of Protocol Village or to listen to The Protocol podcast, visit their website.

Chainlink Collaborates with Fidelity International and Sygnum to Tokenize NAV Data

On July 3, Chainlink announced a partnership with Fidelity International and Sygnum to tokenize Net Asset Value (NAV) data, a move revealed at the Point Zero Forum. This pioneering initiative aims to enhance transparency and accessibility of key asset data, particularly for Sygnum’s recent on-chain version of Fidelity International’s $6.9 billion Institutional Liquidity Fund. Sygnum has also tokenized $50 million of Matter Labs’ company treasury reserves, showcasing the potential of blockchain technology in the financial sector.

Playbux Launches AI-Powered L1 Gaming Blockchain

Playbux, initially a BNB chain-based Web3 metaverse developer, has introduced an AI-driven, zero-fee, layer-1 gaming blockchain. This development is part of Playbux’s efforts to eliminate high transaction costs and improve product customization for users, thereby enhancing its position in the gaming universe and fostering a more engaged community. The new L1 blockchain is expected to allow Playbux to offer a competitive alternative to the fast, free services of Web2, powered by its AI technology.

Obol Labs Establishes Collective to Promote Decentralized Validator Tech

Blockchain startup Obol Labs has initiated a new industry group focused on promoting distributed validator technology, a key innovation aimed at removing single points of failure in decentralized networks like Ethereum. The Obol Collective, as announced on July 3, comprises over 50 stakeholders from the Ethereum ecosystem, including staking protocols, client teams, and node operators. The collective’s mission is to enhance the security, resilience, and decentralization of Ethereum consensus.

Oasys Partners with Celer to Introduce Bridged USDC Standard for Gaming

Oasys, a blockchain dedicated to gaming, has partnered with Celer to support the Bridged USDC Standard, marking its position as the first gaming blockchain to adopt this standard. This collaboration underscores Oasys’s commitment to leveraging blockchain technology to revolutionize the gaming industry, offering enhanced experiences for users through innovative financial solutions.