Arch Mist to Transform Seoul’s Jamsu Bridge into a Curving Pink Art Gallery

The Dutch firm Arch Mist has been selected to revamp Seoul’s Jamsu Bridge, turning it into an engaging public area. Their successful entry in the ‘Jamsu Bridge, Bridge of Culture’ contest envisions transforming the bridge, constructed in 1976, into a pedestrian-centric art gallery. This new space will host cultural events and provide breathtaking views of the Han River. Presently serving as a bridge for vehicles, the Jamsu Bridge is set to become pedestrian-only as part of the ‘Great Hangang Project’ led by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. This key initiative seeks to rejuvenate the riverfront and establish a novel cultural hub for the city.

Chang-soo Lim, the Future Space Planning Officer for the Seoul Metropolitan Government, expressed a strong commitment to developing a ‘bridge of culture’ for the enjoyment of the city’s residents. He highlighted that it would be the inaugural pedestrian bridge and riverfront cultural venue along the Han River.

Through the Jamsu Bridge project, Arch Mist’s design team plans to introduce a series of balconies and ramps, transforming it into a striking landmark that offers diverse views along the river. The design incorporates an additional deck level to break up the bridge’s height, creating a more approachable, human-scale environment. This level will facilitate access to various ‘city balconies.’

These newly introduced decks and balconies are designed to be versatile, serving as potential spaces for permanent or temporary art exhibitions, local marketplaces, or venues for special events. Furthermore, the design ambitiously proposes integrating the famous Banpo Bridge water fountain feature, enabling visitors to engage with the fountain show in a manner that doesn’t interfere with the flow of pedestrian traffic on the upper deck.