Miklós Kiss’ neo-pop intervention transforms a public restroom into an avant-garde art gallery in Budapest

Adorned in vivid colors and infused with neo-pop art influences, POP&ROLL beckons to those wandering through Budapest, offering an invitation to explore an art gallery and store that intriguingly functions as a public restroom. Every aspect, from its purpose and design to its interior and visual identity, reflects the whimsical essence of Miklós Kiss’ artwork.

The interior space, including the walls, furniture, and all 20 toilets, transforms into a vibrant showcase featuring nearly 100 of his creations. These pieces draw inspiration from the ornate decor found within Budapest’s Eastern European spas and pools, as well as the nostalgic pixelated worlds of 80s and 90s video games. This unique spatial arrangement stands as a piece of public art in its own right, representing a groundbreaking method of presenting art that sparks imagination in one of the most surprising settings.

POP&ROLL unfolds across three uniquely intertwined areas: the Art Gallery, Art Shop, and the Art Toilet. Crafted by Hungarian artist Miklós Kiss, each space offers a fresh, engaging, and accessible approach to contemporary art. The Toilet section provides a multisensory experience, complete with a specially curated mix of music and fragrances, simulating the journey through a fictional video game from a dungeon battle to triumph. The Art Shop features a large toy monkey as its centerpiece, with the word ENJOY spelled out on its face, and its limbs repurposed into armchairs for guests to relax in.

Throughout POP&ROLL, visitors can find Goldenroaches and Emograms, which are graphic visuals and NFTs created by Kiss. These figures have faces that spell out words conveying emotions, thoughts, or self-reflection. In the forefront, storage displays present these works as if they were museum artifacts.