Cherry Blossom Pavilion Blossoms in Taiwan, Unfolding Like a Flower

The Cherry Blossom Pavilion, crafted by MARC FORNES / THE VERYMANY, is a marvel of light, organic design that beckons for both relaxation and play in Taichung City, Taiwan. Set within an industrial park—a popular spot for both tourists and locals—its slender aluminum shell is a testament to advanced computational design, reflecting its surroundings while adding a dynamic, artistic flair.

This impressive structure swells and twists, mimicking the unfolding of a flower’s petals, and creates a series of nooks and openings that beautifully frame the surrounding cherry blossom trees and the sky above. Straddling the line between a sculptural art piece and an architectural haven, the pavilion offers a cool escape from the Taiwanese heat, encouraging discovery and socializing.

Marc Fornes, the principal architect at THEVERYMANY, a New York-based studio, has been at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge technologies and pioneering a non-linear approach to creating expansive public art installations and small-scale architecture. The design of the Cherry Blossom Pavilion showcases intricate curvilinear forms that are crafted using parametric and computational methodologies, from the initial design phase to the final fabrication. This approach yields a seamless, ultra-thin structure that merges the exterior shell with the structural support.

As visitors navigate around or through the pavilion, they are treated to unique spatial experiences, engaging with the structure’s exterior in novel ways, and enjoying varied views of the surrounding area. The studio designs multiple entry points and a series of archways and canopies, crafting a serpentine space that invites visitors to seek shelter and enjoy social interactions.