AKNEYE’s phygital space offers visitors an immersive experience of Venice

AKNEYE, presented by ftNFT as an independent project, introduces an engaging phygital exhibit set against the backdrop of the historic Ramo de la Tana. This unique space, curated by Anastasia Dawson, merges the physicality of sculptures with the digital realm of NFTs, creating a dynamic fusion of art traditions and futuristic visions. Artists from Armenia and other regions have creatively interpreted AKNEYE’s surreal eye sculptures, showcasing their works on motion stand displays or through projections on LED screens equipped with advanced hover technology.

AKNEYE, a pioneering art project by ftNFT, seamlessly blends classic art forms with digital advancements, offering a broad platform for artistic cooperation and discovery. Through AKNEYE Phygital Spaces, created in partnership with the NFT platform ftNFT, an engaging environment is established that introduces a fresh dimension of creativity and artistic expression. During the Venice Art Biennale 2024, from April 20 to November 24, attendees will have the chance to observe artists as they create their works live, with each piece being subsequently converted into NFTs, providing a unique insight into the artistic process.

Every artist receives an eye-shaped canvas, where they are encouraged to weave in their own stories. Ukrainian artist Anna Chekh fills her eye sculpture with vivid colors and gradients, creating surreal scenes. Meanwhile, Lebanese-Armenian artist Raffi Yedalian chooses a monochrome color scheme and abstract techniques for his work.