Dior Collaborates with Stone Island for a New Capsule Collection

Kim Jones has partnered with the iconic Italian streetwear label Stone Island, founded by Massimo Osti, to create a fresh capsule collection for Dior Men, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship. Kim Jones, the creative force behind Dior, is no stranger to high-profile collaborations, having previously worked with renowned names like KAWS and Travis Scott. These partnerships have allowed Jones to delve into the fusion of high fashion and streetwear, pushing the boundaries of traditional design.

This latest collaboration marks a significant moment, blending the Parisian elegance of Dior with the functional, Northern Italian aesthetics of Stone Island. The collection seamlessly merges the distinct identities and methodologies of both brands, drawing heavily on military-inspired designs. It combines Dior’s refined tailoring with the innovative materials, dyeing techniques, and embroidery that Stone Island is celebrated for. The pieces feature co-branding elements, including Dior’s “Double Pleat” from its Spring/Summer 1952 haute couture collection and Stone Island’s distinctive “Dutch Rope” accents. The iconic Stone Island compass emblem is prominently featured across the collection, from sleeve badges to trousers and accessories. The footwear range includes sneakers crafted from Stone Island’s cotton sateen, adorned with the stitched Dior Oblique pattern.