Porsche adopts mixed reality technology for showcasing products

Porsche has adeptly integrated mixed reality (MR) technology into its automotive showcases, transforming the way it conducts product reveals and technical demonstrations. This innovative method was recently put into action during a Technology Workshop that highlighted the upcoming all-electric Macan, signifying a departure from the automaker’s traditional presentation techniques.

The workshop resembled a scene straight out of a sci-fi film, with clusters of engineers and journalists donning the latest Meta Quest 3 headsets, engaging with virtual components within a three-dimensional space. This hands-on, interactive experience stands in stark contrast to the passive viewing of PowerPoint slides and other static displays that characterized previous vehicle introductions.

Porsche’s foray into immersive tech started with the Taycan AR Event App, which allowed users to delve into the vehicle’s mechanics using augmented reality (AR) on an iPhone. Fast forward several years, and the current MR technology elevates this experience, granting users the ability to move through a virtual landscape, manipulate objects, and connect with others across the globe.

MR’s unique ability to merge virtual features with the physical environment sets it apart from virtual reality (VR). The headsets, equipped with pass-through capability, enable users to see their real-world surroundings, making it possible to take notes or use a smartphone while remaining engaged with the virtual content.

The use of 3D models in MR provides a more comprehensive understanding by offering the opportunity to examine the subject matter from various viewpoints. “The content narrative is akin to a conventional presentation,” a Porsche engineer explained. “Except you are enveloped by the presentation, standing at its center.”

Porsche has announced its intention to further incorporate MR into its operations, particularly for conducting telepresence events. The aim is to enrich the immersive experience with intricate models and animations and to foster greater physical interaction with virtual elements, heralding a new chapter for the brand’s engagement strategies.