Walter Van Beirendonck’s FW24 collection blends high-quality tailoring with surrealist elements

Walter Van Beirendonck’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection, which he whimsically named “baNaNaWinKBooM,” was a playful exploration of the surreal. The collection, inspired by the cadavre exquis, featured a mix of contrasting shapes, cuts, and patterns, creating a visually striking collage.

Van Beirendonck described his creative process for this collection as a “Frankensteinian art game,” where he unleashed his own mental monsters to reimagine ordinary shapes into geometric marvels. The collection, a blend of kitsch and camp, showcased eye-catching silhouettes that, despite their contrasting nature, harmonized beautifully when combined. The designer’s signature mix-and-match approach was evident in his pairing of rich velvets with felted wools, checks, lamé, and embroidery, resulting in a fusion of fine tailoring and surrealism.

The runway show was a breath of fresh air. Each model made their entrance to their own unique soundtrack, ranging from white noise to classic tunes to futuristic space sounds, which added a fun and interactive element for the audience. Models introduced themselves with phrases like “I come from space,” and used hand gestures like peace signs, adding a playful touch to their runway walk.

The collection’s garments, from vibrant yellow and orange jackets to black and white fringed pieces and a plush snake scarf, had an otherworldly appeal. The visual contrasts extended from the hair and makeup to the accessories and the full outfit, creating a head-to-toe spectacle. The collection, characterized by its geometric shapes and standout silhouettes, was a vibrant, fun-filled, and well-organized chaos.