Azuki collaborates with Gorō Taniguchi for anime anthology

Chiru Labs, the team behind NFT collections Azuki and Beanz, has revealed a collaboration with renowned anime director Gorō Taniguchi to develop an anime anthology series. This initiative aims to broaden Chiru Labs’ intellectual property and attract more fans to the Azuki universe.

Taniguchi, recognized for his contributions to Code Geass, One Piece Film: Red, and Bloody Escape, stated that he joined this project as he believes it will present more opportunities for Japanese anime creators and introduce anime to new audiences. He views this project as a “unique opportunity” to positively influence the future of Web3 and anime.

In collaboration with Taniguchi, Chiru Labs plans to release three separate stories in the anthology series, each with its own director and character artists. The company has teamed up with Dentsu, a Japanese anime production company, to gather talent for the anthology, set to be released later this year.

The anthology is part of Chiru Labs’ broader strategy to release content of varying lengths to broaden its intellectual property and connect with a worldwide audience of anime enthusiasts. The company has had a promising start in 2024, following a challenging 2023 in which its NFT collections significantly dropped in value due to a mistake.

Chiru Labs, a leading NFT company, is recognized for its innovative approach. The company set a new standard for minting NFTs, significantly reducing gas prices when it launched its flagship collection, Azuki. Despite a bear market and a significant stumble, the company has continued to create value for collection holders.

In the past year, Chiru Labs has been involved in several notable events. Seven months ago, Azuki launched a new collection called “Azuki Elementals,” which did not meet expectations. Nine months ago, Chiru Labs hosted an event in Las Vegas called “Follow the Rabbit,” which served as the announcement platform for the new collection. A year ago, Azuki announced the creation of “Hilumia,” a metaverse city representing the community’s past, present, and future.

These events demonstrate Azuki’s continued innovation in the bear market, creating value for holders. As the market transitions from bear to bull, this could be an opportune time for Azuki to regain its status as the trendiest collection, which could benefit community members as prices increase.