Weekly digest: Investing in Bitcoin, art and gold: the pros and cons

As trading in spot Bitcoin ETFs begins on US stock exchanges, the price of the premier cryptocurrency has surpassed $48,000 this week. This swift price increase is paralleled by a boost in trading volumes. In light of these developments, we’ve curated a collection of resources on alternative investments. Check them out and attend our meetup.

Meetup 20.01.2024: Alternative Investments: art, crypto, diamonds


The pros and cons of investing in Bitcoin

Investing in gold: a timeless strategy for wealth preservation

Investing in diamonds: alternative investment strategy

Investing in platinum

Investing in Bitcoin: a comprehensive guide


Which is better for investment: art or crypto?

Which is better for investment: art or gold?

Which is better for investment: crypto or gold?

ArtCollecting Media: featured news of the week

Balmain launches Main Lab Collection

Elon Musk’s X, formerly Twitter, removes support for NFT profile pictures

Leonardo DiCaprio’s next project to be a new Paul Thomas Anderson film

Chopard unveils its 12th limited edition L.U.C XP Urushi

Reports indicate over 1,700 objects missing from England’s museum collections

Midjourney AI trained using a database of 16,000 artists

Bavaria resists reforms on nazi-looted art proposed by German culture minister

Cyberattack strikes museum world through commonly used software

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