Quentin Tarantino abandoned Star Trek movie

Quentin Tarantino has long considered what film he would like to conclude his career with, and it appears he did not want it to be a Star Trek film. The project, announced by Paramount in 2017, was initially set to involve J.J. Abrams and screenwriter Mark L. Smith. However, the film was eventually cancelled. In a recent Collider interview, Smith revealed Tarantino’s reasoning for withdrawing from the Star Trek project. According to Smith, Tarantino was reluctant to conclude his career with this film, given his firm intention to direct only 10 films before retiring. Smith stated that when he wrote the script, it was a unique story that Tarantino wanted to tell, which suited his sensibilities. However, Tarantino began to worry about reaching his unofficial film count.

Smith didn’t disclose any spoilers regarding Tarantino’s vision for the film, but he did hint that it would have been a “hard R” with Pulp Fiction-like violence. He mentioned that the language would be toned down, with only a few special characters given the liberty to bring that element into the Star Trek world. The primary focus would have been on the edginess and unique Tarantino flair. Although it’s uncertain if fans will ever get to see this version, they can still hope that it might surface one day.