Chloé’s new President & CEO, Laurent Malecaze, has been announced by Richemont

Richemont has revealed that Riccardo Bellini will not be renewing his role as President and CEO of Chloé after serving four years. The decision was made in collaboration with the Group to ensure a smooth transition for the new Creative Director.

During his tenure, Bellini successfully elevated and transformed the brand, leading to financial and creative growth. He was instrumental in appointing Chemena Kamali as the new Creative Director and developing her first Fall 24 collection. Bellini also played a key role in turning Chloé into a purpose-driven company with a focus on sustainability.

Bellini expressed pride in his achievements at Chloé and thanked his teams and Richemont for their support. He expressed confidence in Kamali’s ability to unlock the brand’s full potential and wished the Chloé team future success.

Philippe Fortunato, CEO of Richemont’s Fashion and Accessories Maisons, thanked Bellini for his dedication and leadership, acknowledging his role in reconnecting Chloé with its purpose and preparing it for future growth.

Bellini will be leaving his role at Chloé by the end of December 2023 and will be succeeded by Laurent Malecaze, who previously led a successful business turnaround at dunhill and was the CEO of New York-based The Webster.

Malecaze expressed his excitement about leading Chloé and working with Kamali. Fortunato expressed confidence in Malecaze’s ability to lead Chloé during its period of creative renewal and predicted sustained growth for the brand under his leadership.

The new CEO of dunhill will be announced in the future.