Chanel’s Métiers d’Art Show arrives in Manchester

Chanel selected the unconventional location of Manchester for its latest Métiers d’Art show, featuring the brand’s iconic tweed and vintage-inspired skirt suits. The show, which took place on Thomas Street after dark, was part of the brand’s 2023/24 collection, curated by creative director Virginie Viard. This followed previous presentations in Tokyo and Dakar.

The Métiers d’Art concept was created by Chanel to highlight the craftsmanship and the chosen city’s character. Chanel chose Manchester for its influential music culture and its status as a hub for those who identify with it. Viard described Manchester as a city that inspires creativity.

The show also emphasized the brand’s heritage and codes. Viard explained that tweed was a central element of the collection, inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s use of color in her tweeds. However, Viard clarified that she did not aim to replicate Coco Chanel’s look, but rather added a vibrant, pop spirit to the tweeds.